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Job Ref Number: 484
Location: Washington, DC  20001
Job Type: Contract
Duration: 1 year
Security Clearance Requirement: Not Required
Local Consultants Only: Will consider out of state candidates also.
Interview Process: Phone Interview. Followed by in-person Interview.

Job Description

The incumbent will work in the Systems Management (ITSSM) team,which is responsible for maintaining IT operational infrastructure and providing the following services to the organization: Server Systems administration (Linux, AIX, Solaris, and Virtualization platforms), Disk Storage and SAN administration, Data Backup and Restore administration, Server Security administration, and operational and infrastructure components of business continuity. Many related activities like Capacity Planning, Performance Analysis, Software Distribution, Availability Monitoring, and others are also performed by this group.



1.         General Requirements:


·          Install and maintain up to date Operational System software, patch levels, firmware,drivers and related program in accordance with documented SOPs (Standard Operational Procedures).

·          Provide continuous monitoring, troubleshooting, and first level maintenance of the various application servers, systems and associated peripherals. This also includes adequate follow up on Problem Resolution tracking using the Remedy tool.

·          Pro-actively review and monitor service indicators in order to insure adherence to agreed upon service levels.

·          Interact with software and hardware maintenance providers in enforcing adequate levels of support to the installed inventory.

·          Providesupport to other technical staff in performing account management, disk space management, backups, baseline security administration, testing of system features and other systems administration activities.

·          Produce and maintain appropriate documentation and charts describing hardware setups,diagrams, operational procedures and overall inventory.

·          Produce weekly reports of activities and operational status of systems under his/hercontrol.

·          Monitor and review use of systems for violations of Bank access control policies.

·          Ensure that the defined decommissioning and disposal procedures are followed for all hardware systems and media.

·          Follow and comply with WDBK’s IMS and ISMS policies, processes and procedures(ISO20000 and ISO24001).

·          Participate in audits, as needed, producing necessary documentation, reports and explanations. Implement corrective and preventive action plans approved by unit managers.




2.  Specific Requirements:


·                  Linux certification with relevant experience in Red Hat Linux (2.1 or 3.0 AS) software and hardware configurations.

·                  Experience with troubleshooting DELL hardware components and peripherals, including disks and network.

·                  Experience in configuring the SAN switches.

·                  Experience in configuring the EMC CX/VNX serious storage arrays.

·                  Relevant experience configuring and maintaining Volume Managers OS mirroring and OS replication..

·                  At least 2 years of experience managing mission critical Linux systems with proven involvement in operations requiring for stringent up time service levels.

·                  Team player with strong technical and user support skills.

·                  Excellent oral and written communication skills.

·          Able to present and explain technical information to diverse types of audience (management, users, vendor,and technical staff).