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Job Ref Number: 345
Location: LosAngeles, CA  90015
Job Type: Contract
Duration: 12 Months
Security Clearance Requirement: Not Required
Local Consultants Only: Will consider out of state candidates also.
Interview Process: Phone Interview. Followed by in-person Interview.

Job Description
Job Description:


Role and responsibilities 

-Design and develop software for remote access services for the Global 

Network Client for Windows. 

-Develop applications for mobile handsets and tablets to complement IPTV service 

-Writes code and completes programming and documentation using programming 

language and technology 

-Performs testing and debugging of applications 

-Analyzes, designs, programs, debugs and modifies software enhancements 

and/or new products used in local, networked, or Internet-related computer 


-Review/approve proposed tech system designs in collaboration with team 


*************Manager's note ********** 

Primary responsibilities include: 


-Design and development of multi-platform native SDKs (Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows) for speech recognition and multimodal interfaces, enabling mobile application developers to integrate a broad array of natural language APIs into their apps. 

-Design and development of low-latency streaming network client libraries for speech and natural language services. 

-Design and development of mobile and tablet applications that showcase multimodal natural language interfaces. 

-Actively participate in the entire product development lifecycle to include: SW requirements, SW design, implementation, testing, documentation, and customer delivery. 

-Develop in an agile, fast-paced, developer interactive environment and provide on-going technical expertise and guidance to client mobile app developers. 


Technical Skills 

Programming Language: 

- At least 6 years of active development in Java, Objective-C and/or C++ 

- Strong command of command-line development techniques, including shell scripting and build automation 

- Strong experience in functional and object-oriented development 

- Experience with other development tools and platforms (Win32, .NET, Mac, Java) 

SDK Experience: 

- 3+ years of SDK and mobile device development and engineering experience 

- Lead programmer role on shipping applications 

- Strong command of client-server HTTP programming 

- Strong knowledge of user interface development practices on mobile and tablet platforms 

- Knowledge and experience with application testing and diagnosis on Android, BlackBerry, iOS and /or Windows 

- Knowledge and experience with automation tools and frameworks 

- Exposure to audio codecs and transcoding 

- Exposure to HTTP client testing and diagnosis 

- Exposure to speech applications and human-computer interaction 

Secondary Responsibilities: 

-Perform black-box and white-box testing of applications running on mobile devices using a breadth of operating systems (Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows 8). 

-Diagnose issues in native SDK applications by analyzing stack traces, exception logs, and running applications in debuggers. 

-Perform feature and integration testing of mobile clients of networked applications. 

-Diagnose issues in client-server communication by using command-line and GUI network clients and analysis tools. 

-Develop, implement, and maintain manual and automated test cases. 

-Work with the software development team help integrate procedures that improve software quality and prevent regressions. 

-Work with service and product testing teams to coordinate testing, issue tracking, and bug fixes. 



Other Skills: 

-Ability to effectively interact with Manager, Team Leader, and fellow team members. 

-Proactive, great attention to detail, results-oriented problem solver, critical thinker, and ability to meet aggressive deadlines. 

-Passion for testing mobile applications and finding bugs. 

-Excellent oral & writing communication skills. 

-High proficiency using automated test tools to conduct QA testing.



Skills Inventory 


1)        Java and related technologies    Expert            Required 

2)        C++     Expert            Required 

3)        Natural Language Speech Analysis        Intermediate           Required 

4)        .Net    Intermediate           Required