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Job Ref Number: 363
Location: Sterling, VA  20163
Job Type: Full Time with paid Benefits
Duration: Full Time
Security Clearance Requirement: Not Required
Local Consultants Only: Will consider out of state candidates also.
Interview Process: Phone Interview. Followed by in-person Interview.

Job Description


Work Experience

Working with a team to create compelling and cutting-edge websites and web applications 
• Turning design and user interface mockups into functional websites 
• Custom programming and web application development 
• Troubleshooting of existing client sites 
• Contributing ideas and efforts toward internal projects and working as part of a team to find solutions to various problems (i.e. development platforms, documentation, etc.)
Work Experience At least 2 years of Drupal programming experience on top of at least 5 years of PHP/SQL experience. 

Required Skills:
• Proficient in Drupal, including custom module development, key contributed modules and the core API, CCK, Views 
• Proficient in PHP, ideally within a GNU/Linux, Apache, MySQL environment. 
• Proficient in SQL, relational databases and MySQL; skill with tools like phpMyAdmin and the mysql CLI 
• Proficient in JavaScript and familiar with AJAX and JQuery 
• Proficient in the maintenance and administration of Drupal modules and sites 
• Hand-coding HTML and tableless CSS is preferred
• Sound knowledge of using templates to theme components
• Experience integrating free software and third party applications into existing systems 
• The ability to work within existing infrastructures 
• Ability to work as part of a team, understanding problems from another team member’s perspective, and, when necessary, go above and beyond the job description to work towards a broader team goal 
• Independence, willingness to learn and problem-solving skills 
• Ability to handle a face-paced work environment, deadlines and new challenges 
• Ability to communicate and work well with others 
• Ability to deliver on time and on budget

Additional Assets:
• Involvement in and contributions to the Drupal community 
• Familiarity with revision control systems such as Subversion 
• Experience enhancing the performance of high-traffic sites

Education and Training

Education and Training Bachelor degree in Computer Science or a related field.